Alert: Revised October Visa Bulletin Issued

DOS just put out a revised visa bulletin for October, 2015.  No Final Action Dates were changed.  The only changes made were to the Dates for Filing.  Below are the changes that were made:

In the Family Based categories the only changes made were for Mexico in the F1 (unmarried sons and daughters of US Citizens) and F3 (married sons and daughters of US Citizens) categories.  The dates were modified to April 1, 1995 and May 1, 1995 respectively.

In the employment based categories the biggest changes were to the EB2 category for India and China.  India, which had a Date for Filing in 2011 in the original visa bulletin, has been moved back to July 1, 2009.  China was also moved back, not quite as much, to January 1, 2013.  The last change was for the Philippines, which saw its EB3 and Other Workers Dates for Filing moved to January 1, 2010.

We will update you if any other changes are made.

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