April Visa Bulletin has Been Released

The April Visa Bulletin has been released.  First we will look at Employment Based categories.

EB-1 has remained current for all countries.

EB-2 Is current for almost all countries except China (which saw forward movement of about 7 months to April 1, 2011) and India (which moved forward about 6 months to September 1, 2007).

EB-3 dates for the Worldwide numbers moved forward about 4 months to October 1, 2014.  India moved forward 8 days to January 8, 2004.  China actually moved backwards about 10 months to January 1, 2011.  In relation to this backward movement, Charles Oppenheim stated as follows:

“Continued heavy demand by applicants with very early priority dates has required a retrogression of this cut-off date for the month of April, to hold number use within the annual numerical limit. Potential forward movement of this cut-off date during the remainder of the fiscal year is dependent on the amount of demand received for applicants with very early priority dates.”

Family dates did move some, but most were small moves of about 1-2 months, and most were backward movements. If you have interest in particular categories do not hesitate to email me to ask what the movement was.

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