February 2014 Visa Bulletin Released: No Real Surprises

Below is the update on visa number availability as reflected in the lated February 2014 Visa Bulletin.


China has moved forward to January 8. 2009 (a one month move) while India has stayed at November 15, 2004. The worldwide availability is still current. As stated before, it is doubtful if the India numbers will see any further forward movement this fiscal year.


Worldwide numbers (and China and Mexico) dates were backlogged a little to April 12, 2012. This was from June 1, 2012 the month before. India held steady at September 1, 2003 and Philippines retrogressed as well to February 15, 2007. Again, the DOS had stated that the quick forward movement in the category would end soon, and apparently, they are starting to get more demand. There may be further retrogressing in the near future as well.

Family Sponsored Categories

The Spouses and children of Permanent Residents category held steady at September 8, 2013. It has been at this date for the past several months.

Unmarried Sons and Daughters of US Citizens retrogressed slightly to December 6 2008 for Worldwide, China and India and to September 22, 1993 for Mexico and July 1, 2001 for Philippines. Married Sons and Daughters of US Citizens also retrogressed slightly to April 15, 2003 for Worldwide, China and India but held steady for Mexico and Philippines.

Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent residents retrogressed a week for Worldwide, China and India to June 1, 2006, and to April 1, 1994 for Mexico an dMay 1, 2003 for Philippines.

Lastly, Brothers and Sisters of US Citizens retrogressed about 20 days for Worldwide, China and India to October 1, 2001 and to November 1, 1996 for Mexico and to July 1, 1990 for Philippines.

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