House Republicans release Immigration Reform principles

Just the other day House Republicans released what they called their principles for pursuing Immigration Reform.  These included creating a method for many of those in the US to illegally to legalize their status, the need to strengthen our border controls as well as our tracking systems for when non-citizens enter and leave the US, increasing the number of employers required to check immigration status for new employees, increasing the number of employment based immigrant visas and decreasing the number of family based immigrant visas, and the need to make it easier for those looking to work in the US to be able to do so, especially those who come to the US to attend college and then get frozen out of H-1Bs because of the cap.

Overall, while the principles look fairly good, there really are no details yet so we cannot tell what will or will not be any final bill.  However it now looks like there may actually be a final bill, which is a great improvement.  As those details become flushed out, we will update you.  For now, if you wish to read the actual principles and read a good article that summarizes what they say, follow this link.



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