Immigration Reform: Important but still in Progress

It is important to keep in mind that the bill introduced in the Senate the other day is just that, a bill.   Until it is passed by both the House and Senate and signed by the President, it is not the law.  While it is somewhat instructive to discuss what is in the bill, and what it all means, it is much to early in the process to be planning your life around what may happen.

Why do I say this?  Primarily because the House has yet to weigh in on the bill and what they have stated so far gives me cause to pause.  What have they stated?  That they are optimistic that the House and Senate can get together and pass a bill.  Sounds good so far right?  They then go on to say that in the coming days they will put forth their own bill and work with the Senate to iron out any differences.  This is where I have problems.  The Senate was barely able to compromise on what they have.  If the House now changes things, even moderately, I think that things could end in an impasse.  While time will tell, until the House version is out and vetted, I would not plan my life around what may happen in this regard.

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