November Visa Bulletin Released: Not much movement

The November, 2015 visa bulletin was just released today.  While there has been some movement, it has mostly been with the Application File dates, not the Final Action dates.

Family Based:

Almost every family based category for every country moved forward about 1 month in their final action dates.  The only exception being the Philippines in the  F1 Category (Unmarried Sons and Daughters of US Citizens), which progressed 1 year.

For the Application File dates, everything stayed the same.

Employment Based:

Final Action Dates:  China 2nd preference moved forward 1 month to February 1, 2012 and India 2nd Preference jumped ahead about 1.5 years to August1, 2006.  In the third preference (and other worker) category, China moved forward 3 months to January 1, 2012 (and to April 1, 2006 for other workers) and India moved forward about 1 month to April 1, 2004 (in both categories).  The Philippines also moved forward about 5 months to June 15, 2007.

Application Filing Date:  There were no changes.

We will update you with any changes.

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