Updates on Government Shutdown and What it Means

Now that the government shutdown has happened I would like to update everyone as to what is happening with US agencies that deal with immigration:


1.  USCIS – they are up and running as normal EXCEPT for the e-verify system.  E-Verify is NOT working, and USCIS has already issued a statement on this and extended any deadlines affected by the shutdown as employees cannot go to the Social Security office, etc. during the shutdown.


2.  DOL:  LCA and PERM operations are shut down.  No PERM or LCAs submissions will be accepted or processed during the shutdown.  You should still mail in Audit responses, but DOL will not be able to accept, open or process them during the shutdown.


3.   DOS:  Contrary to what they stated before, all Consulate activities are up and running.  This means they are granting visas and processing all related cases.  This will go on as long as they have funding for such activities.  I would always check the Embassy/Consulate website to make sure the one you wish to visit is still open.


4.  CBP:  All ports are open and functioning as normal.

Please discuss any specific cases with your attorney.

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