2017 H-1B Cap Met. Lottery Completed.

imagesUSCIS just announced that they have completed the random lottery for the H-1B cap.  This means that, shortly, they will begin sending out receipt notices for those applications that were selected, and then they will return those applications that were not.  Although no timeframe was given, we would assume that the receipts should be sent out over the next two weeks or so.

In addition, USCIS indicated that they received over 236,000 H-1B applications for this years cap, almost 3 times as many applications as there are spots available.  This means many applications will not be accepted this year.

Lastly, USICS has re-iterated that they will begin Premium Processing on these cases prior to May 16, 2016.  However, they gave no more details in terms of when, exactly premium processing would begin.  We will update you with any further developments.

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