Premium Processing for H-1B Extensions Temporarily Halted

imgresUSCIS just announced that, as of May 26, 2015 they are suspending Premium Processing services for all H–1B extension of stay petitions until July 27, 2015. The reason give is that they need the resources to implement the H–4 EAD final rule, allowing some H–4 spouses to get EAD’s. USCIS suspects that they will need the additional people to timely adjudicate the I–765 applications they receive on, and close to May 26 for this new benefit. It is unfortunate that they decided to only give 1 weeks notice, and it would have made much more sense for them to give several weeks notice, but there is nothing that can be done about it at this point.

Please do note, as long as they receive the application prior to May 26, they will continue with premium processing for those cases. We will update you if there is any change to the date of the reinstatment of Premium Processing for these applications.

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